Berkshire Hathaway, did purchase shares in a medical testing company that had a partnership with Theranos. This indirect link is intriguing.

Warren Buffett's Unusual Connection 

There were rumors of a secret meeting between Warren Buffett and Elizabeth Holmes, the founder of Theranos. The details of their conversation remain shrouded in mystery.

A Private Meeting 

Warren Buffett never publicly endorsed or criticized Theranos, despite the controversy surrounding the company. Discover why he remained tight-lipped.

The Silent Observer

Explore the possible reasons why Buffett might have considered investing in a healthcare startup like Theranos, known for its groundbreaking claims.

The Oracle of Omaha's Strategy 

Analyze how Theranos's secretive nature and lack of transparency may have contradicted Buffett's famous investment principles.

Buffett's Investment Principles 

Understand the regulatory challenges that Theranos faced and how they might have influenced Buffett's decision-making process.

The Regulatory Puzzle 

Learn why Warren Buffett's commitment to thorough due diligence saved him from a potential investment disaster.

The Value of Due Diligence