Elon Musk's Visionary House Design

The billionaire's plans for a $50,000, sustainable, and modular home.

Solar Panels and Batteries

The house would be powered by solar panels and batteries, making it energy-independent

3D Printed Walls

he walls of the house would be 3D printed, using sustainable materials

Modular Design

The house could be easily expanded or customized to meet the needs of the owner.

 Smart Home Technology

The house would be equipped with smart home technology, making it easy to control the lights, thermostat, and other devices.

 Indoor-Outdoor Living

The house would have a blurring of the lines between indoor and outdoor space.

Sustainable Materials

The house would be made from sustainable materials, such as wood and bamboo.

Future of Housing

Musk's house design is a glimpse into the future of housing, which is likely to be more sustainable, modular, and tech-enabled.

The Future is Now

Musk's house design is not yet a reality, but it is a reminder that the future of housing is closer than we think.