Former US President Donald Trump: A Controversial Legacy

Donald Trump served as the 45th President of the United States from 2017 to 2021. During his tenure, he implemented a number of controversial policies and faced numerous scandals, leading to a polarizing legacy.

Policy Implementation

Trump’s presidency was marked by several significant policy changes, including tax reform, immigration policy, and foreign relations by former US President Donald Trump.

Tax Reform

One of Trump’s most significant policy changes was his tax reform bill, the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017. The bill lowered the corporate tax rate from 35% to 21%, and provided tax cuts for individuals. Supporters of the bill argued that it would spur economic growth and job creation, while critics argued that it primarily benefited corporations and the wealthy.

Immigration Policy

Immigration policy was another key area of focus for Trump. He implemented a “zero tolerance” policy on illegal immigration, which led to the separation of families at the US-Mexico border. The policy drew widespread criticism from both sides of the political spectrum, with many arguing that it was cruel and inhumane.

Trump also pursued a number of other immigration policies, including the construction of a border wall between the US and Mexico. Critics argued that the wall was expensive and ineffective, while supporters argued that it would help to curb illegal immigration.

Foreign Relations

Foreign relations were also a significant part of Trump’s presidency. He pursued a more isolationist foreign policy, withdrawing from international agreements such as the Paris climate accord and the Iran nuclear deal. Trump also had a contentious relationship with North Korea’s leader, Kim Jong-un, engaging in a series of high-profile summits with the dictator.

Trump's presidency
Trump’s presidency

Scandals and Controversies

Trump’s presidency was marked by numerous scandals and controversies, which often overshadowed his policy achievements.

Russia Investigation

One of the most significant controversies of Trump’s presidency was the Russia investigation, which was launched in 2017 to investigate allegations of collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russian government during the 2016 election. The investigation, led by special counsel Robert Mueller, ultimately found insufficient evidence of collusion but did uncover a number of other controversies related to Trump’s business dealings and campaign.


Trump also faced impeachment proceedings twice during his presidency. The first impeachment, which occurred in 2019, was related to Trump’s dealings with Ukraine, including his efforts to pressure Ukrainian officials to investigate his political rival, Joe Biden. The second impeachment, which occurred in 2021, was related to Trump’s role in inciting the Capitol riot on January 6, 2021.


COVID-19 Pandemic

Another major controversy of Trump’s presidency was his handling of the COVID-19 pandemic. Critics argued that he downplayed the severity of the virus, ignored the advice of public health officials, and failed to take adequate measures to curb its spread. Trump also promoted unproven treatments such as hydroxychloroquine, which drew criticism from public health experts.

Rhetoric and Behavior

Trump’s rhetoric and behaviour also drew criticism during his presidency. He was accused of making racially charged statements, using inflammatory language, and promoting conspiracy theories. His tweets were often the subject of controversy, with many arguing that they were divisive and unbecoming of a US President.


Trump’s presidency has left a polarizing legacy, with supporters lauding his policy changes and business acumen, while critics decry his handling of issues such as immigration and the pandemic, as well as his divisive rhetoric and behavior.

Economic Impact

One of the key areas of focus for supporters of Trump’s presidency was the economy. During his tenure, the US experienced low unemployment and a growing stock market. However, critics argued that the economic growth was largely a continuation of the recovery from the Great Recession, and that the tax cuts primarily benefited the wealthy.

Foreign Policy

Trump’s foreign policy was also a major part of his legacy. His isolationist approach led to the withdrawal from several international agreements, which drew criticism from many countries and organizations. However, his approach to North Korea and other foreign policy issues was praised by some for its boldness.

Domestic Issues

Domestic issues were also a major part of Trump’s presidency, including issues such as immigration, healthcare, and gun control. His policies on immigration drew widespread criticism, with many arguing that his “zero tolerance” policy was inhumane and immoral. Trump also attempted to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act, although his efforts were unsuccessful. His stance on gun control was also controversial, with many arguing that he did not do enough to address the issue.

Legacy on Democracy

Perhaps one of the most significant aspects of Trump’s legacy is its impact on democracy in the United States. Many argue that his rhetoric and behavior, including his refusal to accept the 2020 election results and his role in the Capitol riot, have undermined the legitimacy of the US democratic system. Trump’s willingness to challenge the election results and his rhetoric promoting conspiracy theories have contributed to a growing sense of distrust in the US electoral system.


Donald Trump’s presidency was marked by significant policy changes and numerous controversies. His supporters praise his economic policies and foreign policy approach, while critics argue that his presidency was marked by divisive rhetoric and policies that were harmful to democracy. His legacy will continue to be debated and analyzed for years to come, as the United States moves forward into a new era of politics and policy.

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